How can NorCal Screens & Trim help you?

Phantom Window & Door Screens

The regular door screen for single or double/french doors as well as sliding glass doors. When not in use, they retract into the low profile casing and out of sight, eliminating the clunky look of metal or sliding screen doors. When closed, they provide an open, unobstructed view to the exterior or your home, letting nature in without the look of metal or plastic in your way. They are easy to operate, sturdy and resilient. We offer various types of mesh and a wide range of colors including wood grain.

phantom logo 02Phantom now offers custom screens for window openings that retract to open to the outdoors, as well as provide UV protection. You can mount them from the exterior of the home paired with a high UV mesh to provide afternoon shade or just insect protection, or you can mount them to the interior providing interior shade protection easy to operate from the interior of your home. Again, a variety of meshes are available including privacy mesh which blocks out 100% of UV rays and visible light. Great for rooms that get a lot of hot afternoon sun.

Motorized retractable screens which are great for large windows on 2nd stories that drapes and shades just won't work on. These screens are also very popular to create outdoor living spaces such as "California rooms" by providing a screened in space at the touch of a button. They provide great insect and sun protection with the ability to create your own semi-conditioned space while still enjoying an unobstructed view of the outdoors. We have installed these screens in many different applications. They are also great for providing privacy on your patio or porch.

Finish Carpentry

Things I do: crown molding, base, interior doors, window & door trim. Updating your home with elements such as crown molding or new baseboards can really change the interior of a home whether you're looking to sell or just update your residence. I work directly with local companies to provide quality materials while negotiating the best price.